No Worry "Home" Services (2013)

Opening this company was a very exciting move for me. After over 24 years as a real estate Broker and still working for Remax Metro City Realty Ltd., Brokerage as a sales person and still loving every moment of it, I decided that the need for such a company was definitely a must.

I was born and raised in Orleans and have worked as a realtor in the east end since 1989. I have been very fortunate and still am to have a very successful career.

I have always been very fortunate and in this way Iíve always given back to the community in different ways. Iíve serviced my clients above and beyond the call of duty. And this brought me to this enormous decision of finally offering my services outside of my real estate clientele basis.

I have many contacts and trades lined up and waiting to help me any time if needed to service my clientele. All of them, I have known for many many years. And I must say I have reffered them more then once. Therefore I know I can offer the required services without a doubt.

This is a service needed for our aging society.

This company is based on service and reliability. The same service Iíve been offering for over 24 years now.

Wether you call our company to take care of your home while you are on vacation, having a surgery and need hospital care for some time, or youíve had to move quickly for a job transfer or Ö. The list is indefinite! I personally guarantee you, that you wonít be disappointed! We will take care of whatever needs you have!

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