No Worry "Home" Services (2013)
We take care of everything while you are away!

We will:

  • Make daily visits and have a log sheet inside the home with the time and date of every visit recorded.
  • Take care of emergency repairs if/when needed
  • Take care of your plants
  • Winterize whatever needs to be
  • Take care of grass cutting and/or snow removal
  • Clean whatever is needed
  • Make sure that your mail service and bank deposits are done if required
  • The sale of your home + if needed the sale of the furniture content + removal
  • Also take care of renovations necessary if required for your return home
  • Without a doubt, call you on a weekly basis if desired with feedback to keep you updated

In fact, we will take care of your home the same way you have until you return.

Six Simple Steps

  1. Call me for a consultation.
  2. You decide what services you require from me.
  3. At this point, if you decide to hire my services, I must view your home.
  4. Once I have viewed your home, we must meet again to discuss the details and the signing of a contract with our company.
  5. All services required will be described on the contract including the start date.
  6. Then and there the only thing remaining will be to relax and let my professional expertise do all the work for you! Remember, we will be communicating with you on a weekly basis if desired. You are still making tjhe decisionsm it is your home, I am just acting for you while you are away!
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  Please do not hesitate!
  The consultation is free!
  And it might be your best decision!

  A Personal Service Guarantee!
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