The Jocelyne Lauzon Team
L'Équipe Jocelyne Lauzon is the place to begin your search for real estate, whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest in residential, commercial, land, business or industrial. Someone on our team will gladly help you through the process. We are fully bilingual.

Jocelyne Lauzon was born and raised in Orleans. She learned early in life the meaning of value of ‘’service’’. When she started her...
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~ Jocelyne Lauzon
Courtier en immobilier

With my high energy, sales and marketing techniques, strong negotiation capabilities, teamwork and organization, I have...
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~ Marie-Anne Groulx
Sales Representative
Conseillère en immobilier
Buyer Agent
Représentative des ventes

About Us

Jocelyne Lauzon

Broker/Courtier en immobilier agrée

Jocelyne Lauzon was born and raised in Orleans. She learned early in life the meaning of value of ‘’service’’. When she started her career in real estate, everyone would say: ‘’Jocelyne and real estate fit together in one word’’. This probably explains why after 30 years of experience in commercial, residential, industrial, condominium, farmland, vacant land, new home sale, businesses, etc.… she has continually been an award winning realtor, bringing the best possible service to her clients even beyond sometimes the call of duty.

Having herself a family life, she understands what little time if left in a day. She works hard at acquiring the best possible knowledge of all aspects of her trade (she is a broker) and she studies the ever-changing face of the real estate market in all its faces. Her diligent work and experience have often impressed her clients and they have responded by sending her referrals among their friends, family members, co-workers and neighbours.

Jocelyne is recognized for her candid approach to real estate. She calls it as she sees it and her clients appreciate her honestly since her clientele has never ceased to increase year in and year out. You will find her fun to work with and this is important since a real estate transaction is many times, your major investment. Your real estate experience with Jocelyne will not only be pleasant, but profitable also.

Hall of Fame recipient
Lifetime Achievement Award
Platinum Award Recipient

Jocelyne a toujours habiter a Orleans. Du tout début, ‘’le service’’ a été sa priorité! Dès la première journée, les gens de la communauté, ses amis et sa famille disaient : ‘’Jocelyne et immobilier… un synonyme’’. Cela explique pourquoi après 30 années de service dans le secteur résidentiel, commercial, industriel, condominium, ferme, terrains vacants, nouvelles construction, entreprise, et… qu’elle a su surpasser et garder son statut comme une agente de réputation en offrant le meilleur service possible a ses clients et parfois même au-delà de l’attente.

Avec une famille a elle, elle comprends très bien que chaque heure dans la journée est précieuse. Elle travaille toujours à accumuler le plus d’information possible dans son domaine (étant un courtier agrée) et elle continue a étudier même avec les grands changements continuel dans ce monde de l’immobilier pour agrandir ses connaissances. Son travail assiduité et son expérience ont souvent impressionner ses clients et par la suite lui a apporter des référence de leurs parts de membres de familles, d’amis, de voisins, etc…

Jocelyne est reconnu pour son approche candide dans l’immobilier. Elle le dit comme elle le voit! Ses clients apprécie son honnêteté car ils n’ont jamais cesser de grandir d’année en année. Elle est plaisante a travailler avec et cela est très important car une transaction immobilière est souvent la plus importante investissement que l’on fasse dans notre vie. Votre expérience ne sera non seulement très plaisante, mais aussi profitable.

Prix pour les réalisations à vie
Temple de la renommée Gagnant du prix Platinum

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Marie-Anne Groulx

Sales Representative / Conseillère en immobilier / Buyer Agent / Représentative des ventes

Marie-Anne has been a life-long resident of Orleans. She attended St-Matthews High School (graduated in 2006) and went on to study Marketing at Algonquin College (graduated in 2008).

Marie-Anne was the Marketing Director for Direct Buy in Ottawa from 2008 to 2011 and began selling real estate in your community in 2013. Marie-Anne has been a proud member of The Jocelyne Lauzon Team for over 3 years.

Marie-Anne has also contributed to her community through volunteering for many organizations such as: the Ottawa Jr. A Senators Hockey Team, Awesome Kids Organization, local food banks, local churches, and much more…

If you are looking for professionalisme, determination, dedication.....Marie Anne is the name you want for an agent that will go beyond the call of duty!

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Client Reviews

Our Goal: Merely satisfying a client will not be enough. We want to make sure our clients experience exceptional service – worthy of their repeat business as well as referral.

Notre but: Ce n’est tout simplement pas asser de satisfaire nos clients… Nous voulons nous assurer que votre expérience immobilière vous fera répéter notre nom a tout ceux a qui croiseront votre route!